Combat Poverty Agency Act, 1986

Disclosure of interest in proposed contracts, etc.

19.—(1) A member of the Agency who is either directly or indirectly interested in any company or concern with which the Agency proposes to make any contract, or in any contract which the Agency proposes to make, shall disclose or cause to be disclosed to the Agency the fact and nature of such interest at the meeting of the Agency at which the question of entering into such a contract is first considered or, if he has no such interest at that time, as soon as he has acquired such interest in the proposed contract or, if made, in the contract.

(2) A disclosure under the preceding subsection shall be recorded in the minutes of the Agency.

(3) Where a member of the Agency has an interest (to which subsection (1) of this section relates) in a proposed contract or in a contract (if made), the member, at a meeting of the Agency—

(a) shall take no part in any deliberations relating to the contract or proposed contract, except to such extent as the chairman of the meeting may permit,

(b) shall not vote upon any proposed decision relating to the contract or proposed contract, and

(c) shall, for the purposes of sections 8 (4) and 8 (5) of this Act, be deemed not to be present while the contract or proposed contract is being deliberated or voted upon.

(4) Where the Minister is satisfied that a member of the Agency has failed to comply with any requirement of subsection (1) or (3) of this section, he may, if he thinks fit, remove that member from membership of the Agency, and, in case a person is removed from office pursuant to this subsection, he shall thenceforth be disqualified for membership of the Agency.