National Archives Act, 1986

National Archives Advisory Council.

20.—(1) The Taoiseach shall establish a Council, to be known as the National Archives Advisory Council (and referred to in this Act as “the Council”), to advise him in the exercise of his powers under this Act, and on all matters affecting archives and their use by the public, and to discharge the other functions conferred on it by this Act.

(2) The Council shall consist of a chairman and not more than eleven other members, appointed by the Taoiseach on such terms and conditions as shall be determined by him, after consultation with the Minister for the Public Service.

(3) (a) The members of the Council shall include not less than two members of the Irish Manuscripts Commission and not less than two archivists not employed by the National Archives.

(b) The Director shall be entitled to attend meetings of the Council.

(4) The Taoiseach may at any time terminate the appointment of the chairman or any other member of the Council.