S.I. No. 269/1985 - European Communities (Post Office) (Newspaper Registration) Regulations, 1985.

S.I. No. 269 of 1985.


I, JIM MITCHELL, Minister for Communications, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 3 of the European Communities Act, 1972 (No. 27 of 1972), and having regard to the requirements of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community and in particular Article 30 thereof, hereby make the following Regulations:

1. These Regulations may be cited as the European communities (Post Office) (Newspaper Registration) Regulations, 1985.

2. Section 20(1) of the Post Office Act, 1908, is hereby amended by the substitution for paragraph (a), as amended, of the following paragraph:

"(a) that it be printed and published in any State which is for the time being a member of the European Communities;".

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 16th day of August, 1985.


Minister for Communications.


These Regulations are made in compliance with Ireland's obligations under Article 30 of the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community. The Regulations amend the Post Office Act, 1908 in order to allow newspapers printed and published in any Member State of the European communities to be registered as newspapers with An Post. The effect of registration is to confer an entitlement to have publications, which meet the definition of a newspaper under the Act, transmitted by post at the reduced postal tariff applicable to registered newspapers.