S.I. No. 157/1985 - Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations, 1985.

The Minister for the Environment in exercise of the powers conferred on him by sections 5 and 11 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961 (No. 24 of 1961) hereby makes the following Regulations:—

1. (1) These Regulations may be cited as the Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations, 1985.

(2) These Regulations shall come into operation on the 1st day of January, 1986.

(3) The Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations 1963 to 1979 and these Regulations shall be construed as one and may be cited together as the Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations 1963 to 1985.

2. Sub-article (2) of article 37 of the Road Traffic (Lighting of Vehicles) Regulations, 1963 ( S.I. No. 189 of 1963 ) shall be amended by the insertion of the words "other than a rear marking sign bearing the words 'Long Vehicle'" after the word "reflector".

3. (1) A combination of vehicles or an articulated vehicle which exceeds 13 metres in overall length shall at all times while used in a public place display one rear marking sign or two rear marking signs in conformity with the specification in the Schedule to these Regulations.

(2) This article shall not apply to—

( a ) vehicles of the Defence Forces;

( b ) fire brigade vehicles;

( c ) vehicles in course of manufacture or completion which are lawfully being driven to or from the premises of vehicle assemblers, vehicle body builders or vehicle distributors;

( d ) a broken down vehicle being towed by another mechanically propelled vehicle.

(3) Every rear marking sign displayed in accordance with this article on a vehicle in a public place shall be kept clean and unobscured and shall be plainly visible to the rear except when the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded.

(4) For the purposes of this article "overall length" has the meaning specified in article 11(8) of the Road Traffic (Construction Equipment & Use of Vehicles) Regulations 1963 ( S.I. No. 190 of 1963 ).


Article 3

Specification of Rear Marking sign or signs

1. Configuration

Where one rear marking sign is displayed it shall be of the shape, dimensions, patterns and colours of the sign shown in Diagram 1 in this Schedule.

Where two rear marking signs are displayed they shall be of the shape. dimensions, patterns and colours of the sign shown in Diagram 2 in this Schedule.

2. Format and Material

Every rear marking sign shall be of red fluorescent material in the stippled areas shown in the Diagram in this Schedule and of yellow reflex reflecting material in the remaining areas, which are not stippled and do not constitute a letter.

3. Design and Approved Standard Mark

Every rear marking sign to which this Schedule refers shall comply in all respects with the British Standard Specification number BS Au 152: 1970 in respect of rear marking plates for vehicles.

4. Size of Letters

All letters in any rear marking sign shall have the proportions and form shown in the Diagrams in this Schedule and shall be coloured black.

5. Manner of Affixing Rear Marking Signs

Every rear marking sign shall be—

(i) fitted horizontally on the rear of the rearmost vehicle of a combination of vehicles and on the rear of an articulated vehicle so that the overall width of the vehicle shall not be increased;

(ii) securely attached to the vehicle so that the lower edge is between 350 mm and 2 metres above the ground;

(iii) fitted so that in the case of signs of the type shown in Diagram 2 in this Schedule the lower edges of both signs are at the same height above the ground and each sign is fitted as near as practicable to the outermost edge of the vehicle on the side on which it is fitted.

Size, colour and type of rear marking signs



/images/si157y85p0004c.gif Red fluorescent material

/images/si157y85p0004d.gif Yellow reflective material

GIVEN under the Official Seal of the Minister for the Environment this

6th day of June 1985.


Minister for the Environment.


These Regulations require the display of a "Long Vehicle" sign or signs on the rear of goods vehicles exceeding 13 metres (42 feet 8 inches) in length, when used in a public place, on or after 1st January, 1986.