Postal and Telecommunications Services Act, 1983

Charges and other terms applicable to services.

70.—(1) Subject to this Act, the company may make, as respects any of the postal services provided by it, a scheme providing for—

(a) either or both of the following—

(i) all charges which (save in so far as may otherwise be agreed between the company and a person availing himself of any such service) are to be made by it,

(ii) the other terms and conditions which (save as aforesaid) are to be applicable to those services,

(b) the prohibition of transmission of objectionable matter.

(2) The company shall not increase any charge under a scheme under this section without the concurrence of the Minister.

(3) A scheme made under this section may amend or revoke any previous scheme made under this section and any regulations to which section 72 (1) relates.

(4) A scheme under this section shall come into operation on such day as is specified therein.

(5) Every scheme under this section shall be published as soon as may be.