Criminal Justice (Community Service) Act, 1983

Conditions required for making of community service order.

4.—(1) A court shall not make a community service order unless the following conditions have been complied with:

(a) the court is satisfied, after considering the offender's circumstances and a report about him by a probation and welfare officer (including, if the court thinks it necessary, hearing evidence from such an officer), that the offender is a suitable person to perform work under such an order and that arrangements can be made for him to perform such work, and

(b) the offender has consented.

(2) Before making a community service order in respect of an offender the court shall explain to him—

(a) the effect of the order and, in particular, the requirements of sections 7 (1) and 7 (2),

(b) the consequences which may follow under sections 7 (4) and 8 if he fails to comply with any of those requirements, and

(c) that under this Act the District Court may review the order on the application of either the offender or a relevant officer.