Youth Employment Agency Act, 1981

Memorandum of association of Agency.

4.—(1) The memorandum of association of the Agency shall be in such form consistent with this Act as shall be approved of by the Minister with the consent of the Minister for Finance and the Minister for the Public Service.

(2) (a) The objects of the Agency shall be so stated in the memorandum of association that the principal objects of the Agency shall be to establish, develop, extend, operate, assist, encourage, supervise, co-ordinate and integrate, either directly or indirectly, schemes for the training and employment of young persons, being principally persons over the age of 15 years and under the age of 25 years.

(b) In paragraph (a) of this subsection “assist” in relation to the schemes referred to in that paragraph includes provide financial assistance for such schemes or for persons establishing, developing, extending, operating, assisting, encouraging, supervising, co-ordinating or integrating such schemes.