Fire Services Act, 1981

Transfer of functions to fire authorities.

11.—(1) The functions of a local authority under the following enactments shall be functions of a fire authority within its functional area—

(a) the Dangerous Substances Act, 1972 ,

(b) the Explosives Act, 1875 ,

(c) such provisions of any other enactment as are specified by the Minister by order.

(2) A fire authority shall, within its functional area, perform the functions relating to means of escape in case of fire given to sanitary authorities in—

(a) the Safety in Industry Acts, 1955 and 1980, and

(b) the Office Premises Act, 1958 .

(3) The functions of a local authority under section 36 of the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890 , shall be exercisable by a fire authority with respect to means of egress in the case of fire.