Turf Development Act, 1981

Development grants.

2.—(1) Where—

(a) it is proposed to develop a bog for the production of turf or turf products for fuel, and

(b) the person by whom the proposal is made—

(i) is an individual, a qualified company, qualified group or a qualified society, and

(ii) either is the owner of the bog or has a right of turbary as regards the bog,

then the person may apply to the Board for a development grant.

(2) Where an application under this section is received by the Board, then, subject to the provisions of this Act, the Board may, if it thinks fit, make to the applicant on such terms and conditions as it considers appropriate, a grant of such amount as it shall determine towards the cost of the bog development to which the application relates.

(3) Where an application for a development grant is received by the Board and the Board proposes to refuse the application because it is satisfied that, were the bog development proposed in the application to be carried out, the development would to a significant extent be detrimental to the development of bogland by the Board, the Board shall, before determining the matter, send the application (together with all the relevant documents) to the Minister together with a statement of the reasons for its being so satisfied.

(4) The Minister may on receipt under this section from the Board of an application for a development grant and after consultation with the committee appointed pursuant to section 7 of this Act—

(a) confirm the proposal of the Board to refuse the application, or

(b) direct the Board to make a development grant on such terms and conditions as shall be specified in the direction,

and in case the Minister gives a direction under this section, the Board shall make a development grant and such grant shall be made in accordance with the terms of the direction.

(5) For the purposes of this section—

(a) the provision of access roads to bogs, or drainage (including outfall drainage) as regards bogs, shall be regarded as development of bogs, and

(b) the cost of purchasing, leasing or hiring turf development equipment which is to be used for or in connection with bog development to which an application under this section relates shall be regarded as part of the cost of such development.