Turf Development Act, 1981

Provision by Board of access roads etc.

10.—(1) Where it is proposed to develop a bog for the production of turf or turf products for fuel, the Board may agree with the owner of the bog or, if the person by whom the proposal is made is not such owner, that person, for the provision by the Board, on such terms and conditions (including terms and conditions as regards cost) as may be agreed, of access roads to, or drainage (including outfall drainage) of, the bog to which the proposal relates.

(2) In case the Board enters into an agreement referred to in subsection (1) of this section, any development grant which the Board decides to make to the other party to the agreement and which relates to the development in relation to which the work which is the subject of the agreement is to be carried out may be set off in whole or in part against moneys due to the Board on foot of the agreement.