Health (Mental Services) Act, 1981

Psychiatric review boards.

37.—(1) There shall be a psychiatric review board or boards for each health board area.

(2) A review board shall consist of three persons to be appointed by the Minister one of whom shall be a person who is or has been a barrister or solicitor who has practised his profession for at least 7 years, one an authorised medical practitioner and one a person who is not a member of the legal or medical profession.

(3) The Minister shall nominate a member of a review board to be the chairman of the board.

(4) In the event of any member of the review board being unable to act or being debarred under subsection (7) from acting for a particular sitting the chairman shall replace him by an appropriate person from a panel of persons to be appointed by the Minister.

(5) The chairman of a review board shall nominate another member of the board to be chairman for a particular sitting of the board in the event of the former being unable to act.

(6) The duration of membership of a review board or of a review board panel shall be 3 years unless the member dies, resigns or is removed by the Minister but a member may be reappointed to a board or to a panel.

(7) In relation to the review of any particular case a member of a review board shall not be a relative of the patient, within a category described in section 14 (a), have a professional relationship with him or be a member of the staff of the centre in which the patient is detained.

(8) The Minister may pay to members of a review board such remuneration and expenses as he may determine after consultation with the Minister for the Public Service.

(9) A health board shall make available to a review board the necessary staff, accommodation and other facilities to enable the review board to perform its functions under this Act.