Finance Act, 1981

Amendment of section 20 (refund of tax) of Principal Act.

45.—Section 20 of the Principal Act is hereby amended by the substitution of the following subsection for subsection (1):

“(1) Where, in relation to a return lodged under section 19 or a claim made in accordance with regulations, it is shown to the satisfaction of the Revenue Commissioners that, as respects any taxable period, the amount of tax, if any, actually paid to the Collector-General in accordance with section 19 together with the amount of tax, if any, which qualified for deduction under section 12 exceeds the tax, if any, which would properly be payable if no deduction were made under the said section 12, they shall refund the amount of the excess less any sums previously refunded under this subsection or repaid under section 12 and may include in the amount refunded any interest which has been paid under section 21.”.