Social Welfare (Consolidation) Act, 1981

Arrangements for burials.

[1975 SWA, s. 18]

216.—(1) A health board may provide for the burial of any of the following persons—

(a) a person who died within the functional area of the health board and in respect of whose burial suitable arrangements are not otherwise being made,

(b) a person who has been drowned and cast ashore within its functional area or who has otherwise perished and been found dead within that area and (in either case) whose body has not been claimed for burial.

(2) A health board may, in any case in which it thinks proper, bring into and bury in its functional area the body of a person eligible for supplementary welfare allowance who has died outside such functional area.

(3) A health board may defray all expenses necessarily incurred in the burial under this section of a person or in the bringing of the body of a person into its functional area for burial

(4) Where a health board incurs under this section expenses in relation to the body of a deceased person, it may obtain repayment of such expenses from the estate of the deceased person or from any person who was liable to maintain the deceased person immediately before his death.