Casual Trading Act, 1980


1.—In this Act—

“authorised officer” means a person appointed under section 11 of this Act to be an authorised officer;

“casual trading area” means land standing designated under section 7 of this Act as an area where casual trading may be carried on;

“casual trading licence” means a licence granted under section 4 of this Act;

“casual trading permit” means a permit granted under section 5 of this Act;

“local authority” means the council of a county, the corporation of a county or other borough or the council of an urban district;

“market right” means a right conferred by franchise or statute to hold a fair or market, that is to say, a concourse of buyers and sellers to dispose of commodities;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism;

“selling” includes agreeing or offering to sell or inviting an offer to buy.