Plant Varieties (Proprietary Rights) Act, 1980

Journal, etc.

19.—(1) The Controller shall issue periodically a journal (which is in this Act referred to as “the Journal”) in which he shall publish notice of—

(a) any application under section 4 , 8 (2), 9 , 10 , 13 , 16 (3), 16 (4), 17 (2), 21 or 22 of this Act received by him (giving the name of the applicant, and the botanical genus and species of the plant variety to which the application relates),

(b) the name of a plant variety proposed by an applicant under section 4 or 13 of this Act (being a name which the Controller proposes to accept),

(c) the grant by him of any grant of plant breeders' rights (giving the name of the person to whom the grant is made and the name of the plant variety specified in the grant),

(d) any alteration, correction or erasure made in or from the register,

(e) any objection, representation or appeal duly received by the Controller in relation to an application under this Act, and

(f) such other matter as may be prescribed,

and also such other information or matters as appear to the Controller to be useful or important in relation to plant breeders' rights or any other matter for which he is responsible under this Act or otherwise by law.

(2) The Controller may prepare and publish indexes, lists, catalogues, booklets and other works relating to plant breeders' rights and plant varieties.

(3) The Controller shall make provision for the distribution, by sale or otherwise, of copies of the Journal or other documents which he is by this section, or otherwise by law, directed or authorised to issue or publish.