Packaged Goods (Quantity Control) Act, 1980


Packaged Goods


8.—(1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, this section applies to any package which has in the course of carrying on a business either been made up in the Sate or imported and which—

(a) has been made up otherwise than in the presence of the person purchasing the package, and

(b) has expressed thereon, or, in case regulations under section 3 (2) (b) of this Act and relating to the package are for the time being in force, on the relevant container, a quantity purporting to be the quantity of goods included in the package and expressed in units of weight or volume being, in case the quantity is expressed in units of weight, a quantity not less than 5 grams, or, in case the quantity is expressed in units of volume, a quantity not less than 5 millilitres, and

(c) is a package the contents of which, or any part of such contents, cannot be removed without opening it.

(2) The Minister may by regulations declare that this section shall not apply, or shall only apply with prescribed modifications, in relation to any package (being a package to which this section would otherwise apply, or, as may be appropriate, would otherwise apply without modification) which is of a prescribed class or description, and for so long as regulations under this subsection are in force this section shall be construed and have effect subject to their terms.