The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Charter and Letters Patent Amendment) Act, 1979

Amendment of lines 415 to 433 of the Original Charter (Visitors' powers).

7.—The Original Charter shall be read and construed as if all words from and including the words “AND WEE doe by these psents for us our heires & Successors” in line 415 thereof to and including the words “according to the tenor true Intent & meaning of these psents” in lines 432 and 433 thereof were deleted and in their place the following words were inserted, that is to say, the words “and the said Visitors, or any two of them, shall have full power and authority to receive and entertain, hear, examine, and finally determine any matter or cause relating to the internal conduct, management, regulation and due government of the said College or Corporation, or to the exercise of the powers and authorities vested in the President, Vice-president, Censors and Fellows by these presents or by any Act of the Oireachtas amending these presents; and all disputes and differences which may arise between the Members or the Fellows or between the Members and Fellows of the said College or between the said College and the professors nominated by the said College, or between the said professors themselves, relative to the concerns of the said College or the duties of their said professorships, which may be brought by way of appeal before any two or more of them, and to appoint certain days, times and places for the hearing and adjudging thereof, and to summon, hear, and examine upon oath, or otherwise, all and every the President, Vice-president, Censors and Fellows and other members of the said College, and the said professors, touching the matter of the said appeal, to the end that a just and clear judgment and determination may be had therein”.