The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (Charter and Letters Patent Amendment) Act, 1979

Amendment of lines 210 to 215 of the Original Charter (duties and powers of the President, Vice-president and Fellows).

4.—The Original Charter shall be read and construed as if the following words were deleted therefrom where the same appear in lines 210 to 215 thereof, that is to say, the words “And alsoe of all other practizers of physick & other the psons aforenamed for the Reformaton & Redresse of the abuses deceipts misdemeanors & Enormityes & other the pmisses herein mentoned or expressed, And alsoe for Inflicting upon all & every delinquent Offender & Offenders against all or any such lawes Acts Ordinances Orders decrees Articles & Constitutons soe to be made as aforesd or any of them such reasonable paines penaltyes & punishmts: by Imprisonmt: of the Body or by ffynes or amerciamts: any or all of them as to the sd Psident & ffellows & their Successors or to the Vicepsident & ffellows in the absence of the Psident or the major pte of them as aforesd shall seeme reasonable & fitting”.