Bovine Diseases (Levies) Act, 1979

Milk price differential.

9.—In case a notice under section 7 of this Act is given, then for so long as the notice is in force the following provisions shall apply:

(a) notwithstanding anything contained in any order under the Milk (Regulation of Supply and Price) Acts, 1936 to 1967, or in any agreement, the amount payable as regards milk supplied to and received by a dairy produce manufacturer, milk pasteuriser, milk bottler or other person described in section 7 (1) of this Act, at any time while the notice is in force from a herd to which the notice relates, shall be, and shall only be, the amount payable apart from this section reduced by an amount calculated at the rate per gallon standing for the time being prescribed for the purposes of this section,

(b) it shall be unlawful for such manufacturer, pasteuriser, bottler or other person to pay in respect of such milk an amount other than that which is appropriate having regard to paragraph (a) of this section.