Bovine Diseases (Levies) Act, 1979

Cancellation of notice under section 7.

8.—(1) Where—

(a) a notice under section 7 of this Act is for the time being in force, and

(b) as a result of a test or otherwise an inspector believes that there is no longer in the herd an animal which is infected with disease,

the inspector shall forthwith give, or cause to be given, both to the owner of, or the person who for the time being is in charge of, the herd and to any dairy produce manufacturer, milk pasteuriser, milk bottler or any other person to whom such notice was given, a certificate in relation to the herd in the form prescribed for the purposes of this section and such certificate shall be deemed to have come into force on such day, being a day earlier than that on which the certificate is given, as may be specified in the certificate, and in case such a day is not so specified, the certificate shall come into force on the day next following that on which it is given.

(2) Where there is for the time being in force a notice under section 7 of this Act and there is given in relation to the herd to which the notice relates a certificate under subsection (1) of this section, the certificate shall on its commencement operate to cancel the notice.