Bovine Diseases (Levies) Act, 1979

Notice of infection.

7.—(1) Where as a result of a test or on other veterinary grounds an inspector believes that an animal in a herd is infected with disease, he shall forthwith give, or cause to be given, both to the owner of, or the person who for the time being is in charge of, the herd concerned and to any dairy produce manufacturer, milk pasteuriser, or any milk bottler or other person by whom milk is sold, or offered for sale, for liquid consumption and who, in any case, is for the time being receiving a supply of milk from the herd, a notice in writing in the form prescribed for the purposes of this subsection, and such notice shall, after its commencement, continue in force until a certificate given under section 8 of this Act and cancelling the notice comes into force.

(2) A notice under this section shall come into force on the expiration of the period of seven days beginning on the date of the notice.