Bovine Diseases (Levies) Act, 1979

Information to Minister as regards land used for or in connection with grazing or retention of animals.

11.—(1) This section applies to any land which is for the time being used, or is capable of being used whether wholly or partly, for any agricultural purpose.

(2) The Minister may by a notice in writing given to the owner of any land to which this section applies, any herdowner, cattle dealer, auctioneer, estate agent or other person, require the person to give to the Minister, within a period specified in the notice (being a period of not less than ten days commencing on the date of the notice), such of the following information as it is in the person's power to give as regards any land specified in the notice, namely:

(a) whether or not such land is used, either partly or wholly, for or in connection with the grazing or retention of animals;

(b) the name of the person who for the time being is in occupation of such land;

(c) whether or not such land is let, and, if it is let, the name and address of the person to whom, and the period of time for which, it is let,

and in case such a notice is given, the person to whom it is given shall, within the period specified in the notice, comply with the requirement of the notice.