Minerals Development Act, 1979

Cancellation of registration.

16.—(1) Where, at any time after the registration of minerals as excepted minerals, the Mining Board is satisfied, on the application of the Minister, that the minerals are not being worked or are not being worked efficiently the Board shall cancel the registration.

(2) Notice of the application shall be served by the Mining Board on such persons as may appear to the Board to have an interest in the proceedings.

(3) If any person is aggrieved by the cancellation of the registration he shall have the right to apply to the High Court to have the cancellation annulled and the Court, if it so thinks proper, may order accordingly.

(4) If, on an application under this section, the registration of minerals as excepted minerals is cancelled section 12 shall thereupon have effect as if section 14 did not apply to such minerals.