Minerals Development Act, 1979

Saver for prospecting rights of mineral owners.

13.—Without prejudice to the provisions of Part II of the Act of 1940 (which relates to prospecting for unworked minerals), section 12 shall not operate to prevent the owner of an estate or interest in minerals in any land from prospecting for such minerals, that is to say, carrying out any activities for the purpose of ascertaining the character, extent or value of such minerals and taking and removing reasonable quantities of such minerals for analysis, test, trial or experiment where such prospecting is conducted otherwise than as part of the operation of working those minerals if, apart from that section, he would be entitled to conduct such prospecting but such right of prospecting shall not apply in relation to minerals which are being worked by the Minister or are the subject of a State mining lease or a licence under section 17 (1) or be so exercised as to interfere with such working or with the lawful operations of the lessee or licensee.