Road Transport Act, 1978

Transitional provision relating to merchandise (existing carrier's) licences.

8.—(1) A person who is the holder of more than one merchandise (existing carrier's) licence and who is authorised under section 14 (3) of the Principal Act, as amended by this Act, to operate more than six vehicles under any of the licences may apply to the Minister for a re-distribution of the total number of vehicles so authorised among the licences so held in a manner specified in the application and the Minister shall accede to such an application but shall not so effect such a re-distribution if the number of vehicles authorised under any of the licences would after the re-distribution be less than six.

(2) An application under subsection (1) of this section may be made once only in respect of any merchandise (existing carrier's) licence.

(3) This section shall cease to have effect at the expiration of one year beginning at the passing of this Act.