Local Government (Financial Provisions) Act, 1978

Allowances in relation to rates for a local financial year other than the specified such year.

3.—(1) Where a rate is made by a rating authority as regards a hereditament to which this section applies, then the authority shall make an allowance to the person so rated by them in respect of the local financial year to which the rate relates and such allowance shall equal in amount the rate in the pound on the specified valuation, and accordingly the rate so made shall be abated (in whole or in part, as may be appropriate) by the authority by the amount of the allowance; provided that in case in such local financial year an allowance may be made under the Rates on Agricultural Land (Relief) Acts, 1939 to 1978, or under any Act amending or extending those Acts, as regards the hereditament, the allowance under the said Acts shall first be ascertained and the aforesaid allowance under this section shall be then reduced by the amount of the allowance so first ascertained.

(2) Where on the day on which a rate is made by a rating authority the authority are the owner of a dwelling situate in their functional area and provided for letting, the authority shall, with regard to the local financial year to which the rate relates and for the purposes of subsection (1) of this section, be deemed to have made in respect of such dwelling both a rate and an allowance under the said subsection (1).

(3) This section applies to any hereditament which is a domestic hereditament, a mixed hereditament, a farm building, a secondary school or a community hall.

(4) This section shall be deemed to have come into operation on the 1st day of January, 1978.