Industrial and Provident Societies (Amendment) Act, 1978

Inspection of books and other documents of a society.

11.—(1) In this section “an authorised person” means any person authorised by the Registrar for the purpose of this section.

(2) An authorised person may, at the request of the Registrar, and on production of his authorisation to any person concerned, at all reasonable times inspect and take copies of or extracts from books, accounts, deeds, records or other documents relating to the business of a society, and for any of those purposes may enter any premises at which any such documents are kept.

(3) An authorised person who is carrying out an inspection under this section in relation to a society may, with the approval of the Registrar, carry out a similar inspection in relation to any other society or body corporate which is or has at any relevant time been associated with the first-mentioned society, and for that purpose may exercise, in relation to the associated society or body corporate, a power conferred by subsection (2).

(4) A person who has in his power, possession or procurement any of the books, accounts, deeds, records or other documents of a society referred to in subsection (2) or of a society or other body corporate referred to in subsection (3) shall produce them at the request of an authorised person, permit the authorised person to inspect and take copies of or extracts from them, and give him any information which he may reasonably require regarding any entries in them.