Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1978

Forfeiture of boats used in commission of certain offences.

4.—Where, on conviction on indictment of a person for an offence under any of the following sections of the Principal Act, that is to say, sections 221, 222, 222A, 223, 223A, 226 and 227—

(a) the conviction is a second or subsequent conviction on indictment under any of those sections committed on board the same boat, whether the person convicted is or is not the same person on each occasion, and

(b) the boat is at the time of the commission of the offence owned or part owned by a person who was the owner or part owner of the boat on the occasion of the commission of any of the previous offences,

the Court may, at its discretion, in addition to any other fines and forfeitures to which the person may be liable, order the boat to be forfeited.