Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1978

Extension of powers of detention of boats to boats found in port.

11.—Section 233 of the Principal Act shall apply in relation to a sea-fishing boat which is found in a port as it applies to the other sea-fishing boats referred to in that section and, accordingly, the following paragraphs shall be substituted for paragraphs (a) and (g), respectively, of subsection (1) of section 233:

“(a) if the boat is under way, he may order it to be stopped for the purpose of identification or of allowing him to go on board it;

(g) if he suspects that there has been a contravention by any person on board the boat of the provisions of Chapter II or III of this Part, he may without summons, warrant or other process—

(i) if the boat is not in a port, take the boat and all persons on board to the nearest or most convenient port, and pending the taking by him of the steps required by section 233A or 234, as may be appropriate, detain the boat and the persons on board, and

(ii) if the boat is in a port, detain the boat and the persons on board at that port or take it and them to a more convenient port and there detain it and them, pending (in either case) the taking of the steps aforesaid;”.