Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) (No. 2) Act, 1978

Restrictions on right to acquire fee simple.

[1967, s. 3 (3) (4) (a)]

16.—(1) Section 8 does not apply, in relation to any land, to a person who has been declared by virtue of section 15 (1) of the Act of 1958 not to be entitled to a reversionary lease of the land under that Act and who is in possession of the land under a lease or tenancy or by virtue of subsection (2) of the said section 15.

(2) A person shall not be entitled to acquire the fee simple under this Part if the lease on which such right is based is—

(a) a lease of land which is used for the purposes of business or includes a building divided into not less than four separate and self-contained flats being a lease which contains provisions enabling the amount of the rent reserved by the lease to be altered within twenty-six years from the commencement of the lease (not being provisions enabling such rent to be altered once only and within five years from such commencement or upon the erection after such commencement of any buildings upon the land or upon the breach of a covenant in the lease), or

(b) a lease granted before the commencement of the Act of 1967 of land which is used for the purposes of business, being a lease which contains provisions requiring the lessee to carry on business on the land which is restricted in whole or in part to dealing in commodities produced or supplied by the lessor, or

(c) a lease of land containing a covenant by the lessee to erect a building or buildings or carry out development on the land if and so long as the covenant has not been substantially complied with, or

(d) a lease made by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, or

(e) a lease made by a harbour authority, within the meaning of the Harbours Act, 1946 , whether before or after the passing of that Act.

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