Consumer Information Act, 1978

Provisions in relation to orders under this Act.

26.—(1) An order under this Act may provide that, in specified circumstances or subject to specified conditions the order shall not apply, or shall not apply to a specified class or specified classes of persons, goods, services, accommodation or facilities, and different circumstances or conditions may be specified in the order in relation to different classes of persons, goods, services, accommodation or facilities.

(2) At least two months before the date of the making of an order under this Act there shall be published in Iris Oifigiúil and in at least one daily morning newspaper printed in the State notice of the Minister's intention to make the order and a brief statement of the effect of the order.

(3) An order shall not be made under this Act without prior consultation by the Minister with such persons as appear to him to be substantially interested in the subject-matter of the order.

(4) (a) Whenever an order is proposed to be made under section 9 , 10 , 11 or 12 of this Act, or under paragraph (b) of this subsection, a draft of the order shall be laid before each House of the Oireachtas and the order shall not be made until a resolution approving of the draft has been passed by each such House.

(b) The Minister may by order amend or revoke an order to which paragraph (a) of this subsection applies.

(5) Subsections (2) and (3) of this section shall not apply to an order under section 11 or subsection (4) (b) of this section in a case where, in the opinion of the Minister, it is necessary to make the order without complying with the said subsections (2) and (3).