Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1977

Amendment of section 11 (1) of Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1962.

1.Section 11 (1) of the Intoxicating Liquor Act, 1962 , is hereby amended by the substitution of “six” for “three” and the said subsection (1), as so amended, is set out in the Table to this section.


(1) Subject to the provisions of this section, on application to a Justice of the District Court by the holder of an on-licence, the Court may, if it so thinks fit, and is satisfied that a special event is being held at any place to which no licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor is attached grant to the applicant a licence (in this section referred to as an occasional licence) authorising him to sell at that place during such times and on such days (not exceeding six), as may be specified in the licence such intoxicating liquor as he is authorised to sell by the on-licence aforesaid.