Worker Participation (State Enterprises) Act, 1977

Proceedings in case nomination or poll is interrupted or cannot be proceeded with.

14.—(1) If at an election a returning officer is satisfied that—

(a) due to interruption the nomination of candidates or the taking of a preliminary or other poll cannot be proceeded with or completed, or

(b) due to other circumstances outside his control such nomination or the taking of any such poll cannot be proceeded with or completed,

he shall adjourn, and if necessary further adjourn, such nomination or the poll for such period as he considers appropriate to enable him, on its expiration, to proceed with or complete, as may be appropriate, the nomination or poll.

(2) Where at an election the returning officer adjourns pursuant to this section a nomination of candidates or a preliminary or other poll, he shall, as soon as may be, inform in writing the Minister of the adjournment and he shall also so inform the Minister of State who, as regards the designated body to which the election relates, is the appropriate Minister.

(3) Where a nomination of candidates is adjourned under this section, the day on which the nomination is completed after the adjournment shall be deemed to be the nomination day for the purposes of both the relevant election and this Act, in so far as it applies to the election.