European Assembly Elections Act, 1977

Chief returning officer.

13.—(1) As soon as may be after the passing of this Act, and from time to time thereafter as occasion requires, the Minister shall appoint a fit and proper person to be the chief returning officer for the purposes of this Act.

(2) It shall be the duty of the chief returning officer to receive the returns furnished to him in pursuance of this Act by the returning officer for each constituency, to make in the prescribed form to the Assembly a return of the persons elected pursuant to this Act and to do such other things in respect of an Assembly election as he is required by law to do.

(3) There shall be charged on and paid out of the Central Fund or the growing produce thereof to the chief returning officer such sums as the Minister for the Public Service shall with the consent of the Minister for Finance sanction for that officer's services and expenses in respect of an Assembly election.