Finance Act, 1977


Income Tax, Corporation Tax, And Corporation Profits Tax and Capital Gains Tax

Chapter I

Income Tax

Amendment of section 142 (dependent relatives) of Income Tax Act, 1967.

1.Section 142 of the Income Tax Act, 1967 , is hereby amended, with effect as on and from the 6th day of April, 1976, by the substitution for subsection (1) of the following subsections:

“(1) If for any year of assessment the claimant proves that he maintains at his own expense any person being—

(a) a relative of his, or of his wife, who is incapacitated by old age or infirmity from maintaining himself, or

(b) his or his wife's widowed mother, whether incapacitated or not, or

(c) a son or daughter of his who resides with him and on whose services he, by reason of old age or infirmity, is compelled to depend,

and being a person whose total income from all sources for that year of assessment does not exceed, or does not exceed by £95 or more, a sum equal to the specified amount, he shall be entitled in respect of each such person whom he so maintains to a deduction of £95 reduced, if the total income of the person so maintained exceeds the specified amount, by the amount of the excess.

(1A) for the purposes of this section ‘specified amount’ means the aggregate of the payments to which a person is entitled in that year of assessment in respect of an old age pension at the maximum rate under the Old Age Pension Acts, 1908 to 1977, if, throughout that year of assessment—

(a) he is unmarried and has no qualified children within the meaning of those Acts,

(b) he is over the age of 80 years (or such other age as may stand specified in those Acts for the time being in lieu of the said age of 80 years), and

(c) he does not qualify for the increase of such pension payable in certain circumstances for any period during which he is so incapacitated as to require full-time care and attention.”.