Corporation Tax Act, 1976

Production of documents and records.

63.—(1) Upon request made to him by an authorised officer at any premises of a company claiming relief under this Part, any person employed by the company at the premises shall produce to the authorised officer all such invoices, accounts, books and other documents and records whatsoever relating to purchase and sale of goods by the company as may be in such person's power, possession and procurement and, on production thereof, shall permit the authorised officer to examine them and take copies thereof or extracts therefrom.

(2) If a person requested under subsection (1) does not comply with the requirements of that subsection, he shall be liable to a penalty of £100.

(3) All penalties under this section may, without prejudice to any other method of recovery, be proceeded for and recovered summarily in the same manner as in summary proceedings for recovery of any fine or penalty under any Act relating to the excise.

(4) Where, in pursuance of this section, an authorised officer requests production of any documents or records, he shall, on request, show his authorisation for the purposes of this section to the person concerned.

(5) In this section “authorised officer” means an officer of the Revenue Commissioners authorised by them in writing for the purposes of this section.