Corporation Tax Act, 1976

Explanation of tax credit to be annexed to interest and dividend warrants.

5.—(1) Every warrant or cheque or other order drawn or made, or purporting to be drawn or made, in payment by any company of any dividend, or of any interest which is a distribution, shall have annexed thereto or be accompanied by a statement in writing showing—

(a) the amount of the dividend (distinguishing a dividend or any part of it which is paid out of capital profits of the company) or interest paid,

(b) (whether or not the recipient is a person entitled to a tax credit in respect thereof) the amount of the tax credit to which a recipient who is such a person is entitled in respect thereof, and

(c) the period for which the dividend or interest is paid.

(2) If a company fails to comply with any of the provisions of this section the company shall incur a penalty of £10 in respect of each offence but the aggregate amount of the penalties imposed under this section on any company in respect of offences connected with any one distribution of dividends or interest shall not exceed £100.