Corporation Tax Act, 1976

Expenses of management of assurance companies.

33.—(1) Subject to the provisions of sections 34 and 35, section 15 (deduction of management expenses of investment companies) shall apply for computing the profits of a company carrying on life business, whether mutual or proprietary, (and not charged to corporation tax in respect of it under Case I of Schedule D), whether or not the company is resident in the State, as that section applies in relation to an investment company except that—

(a) there shall be deducted from the amount treated as expenses of management for any accounting period the amount of any fines, fees or profits arising from reversions and in calculating profits arising from reversions the company may set off against those profits any losses arising from reversions in any previous accounting period during which any enactment granting this relief was in operation so far as they have not already been so set off, and

(b) no deduction shall be made under the proviso to section 15 (1).

(2) Relief under subsection (1) shall not be given to any such company, so far as it would, if given in addition to all other reliefs to which the company is entitled, reduce the corporation tax borne by the company on the income and gains of its life business for any accounting period to less than would have been paid if the company had been charged to tax in respect of that business under Case I of Schedule D; and where relief has been withheld in respect of any accounting period by virtue of this subsection, the excess to be carried forward by virtue of section 15 (2) shall be increased accordingly.

For the purposes of this subsection—

(a) any tax credit to which the company is entitled in respect of a distribution received by it shall be treated as an equivalent amount of corporation tax borne or paid in respect of that distribution; and

(b) any payment in respect of that credit under section 15 (4), 25 (set-off of losses etc. against franked investment income) or 26 (set-off of loss brought forward or terminal loss against franked investment income of financial concerns) shall be treated as reducing the tax so treated as borne or paid; and

(c) section 38 shall apply for the purposes of computing the profits of the life assurance business or the industrial assurance business, as the case may be, which would have been charged to tax under Case I of Schedule D.

The reference in paragraph 2 (1) of Schedule 1 to the Capital Gains Tax Act, 1975 (exclusion from consideration for disposals of sums chargeable to income tax), to computing income or profits or gains or losses shall not be taken as applying to a computation of a company's income for the purposes of this subsection.