Juries Act, 1976

Inspection of jury panel.

16.—(1) Every person shall be entitled to reasonable facilities to inspect a panel of jurors free of charge and a party to any proceedings, civil or criminal, to be tried with a jury shall be entitled to a copy free of charge on application to the county registrar.

(2) The rights under subsection (1) shall be exercisable at any time between the issue of the summonses and the close of the trial or the time when it is no longer possible to have a trial with a jury.

(3) The panel referred to in subsection (1) is the panel as prepared for and in advance of the sittings, including any supplemental panel so prepared, and it shall not be necessary to indicate in it that any of the persons in it have been excused in the meantime, or to include any persons summoned under section 14.

(4) The right to inspect the panel shall, however, include a right to be shown, on request, all alterations to the panel and the names of any persons summoned under section 14 and, on request, to be told of any excusals.