Local Government (Planning and Development) Act, 1976

Supplemental provisions relating to references and appeals.

20.—(1) The Minister may make regulations providing for any matter of procedure in relation to references or appeals to the Board.

(2) Regulations shall be made under this section providing for any oral hearing by the Board of a reference or appeal being conducted by a person appointed for that purpose by the Board.

(3) The Minister may make regulations enabling the Board when considering an appeal under section 26 or 27 of the Principal Act to invite an applicant and to enable an applicant so invited to submit to the Board revised plans or other drawings modifying, or other particulars providing for the modification of, the development to which the appeal relates.

(4) In case plans, drawings or particulars mentioned in subsection (3) of this section are submitted to the Board by virtue of regulations made under that subsection, the Board may in deciding the appeal grant a permission or an approval for the relevant development as modified by all or any of such plans, drawings or particulars.