Criminal Law (Jurisdiction) Act, 1976

Provisions relating to custody and immunity of persons in State for taking of evidence under section 12 and to persons unlawfully at large.

13.—(1) While an accused person is in the State in exercise of his right under section 12 to be present at the taking of evidence under that section and until his removal from the State at the conclusion or any adjournment of the taking of the evidence, he shall at all times be kept in the custody of the Garda Síochána or in a prison.

(2) While a person is in the State in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) and is duly kept in custody, he shall be immune from detention, and any kind of suit or legal process, in respect of any cause or matter, civil or criminal, arising before his arrival in the State in the circumstances mentioned in that subsection.

(3) Section 6 (2) of the Criminal Justice Act, 1960 (which provides for the punishment of persons unlawfully at large), and section 7 of that Act (which empowers the Garda Síochána to arrest a person unlawfully at large and to take him to the place where he is required to be detained) shall apply to any person who escapes from any custody in which he is required by subsection (1) or section 11 (4) or 14 (3) to be kept.