Social Welfare (Supplementary Welfare Allowances) Act, 1975

Additions to weekly amount of supplementary welfare allowance and other income.

11.—(1) Where the weekly amount of supplementary welfare allowance, if any, payable to a person pursuant to section 9 of this Act, and any other income, including any payment by way of benefit or assistance under the Social Welfare Acts, 1952 to 1975, or under any other statute, of a person, is not sufficient to meet that person's needs, then—

(a) in any case where such person is in receipt of supplementary welfare allowance the weekly amount of such allowance payable to such person may, subject to the provisions of this section, be increased, or

(b) in any other case, a weekly payment of supplementary welfare allowance may be made, subject to the provisions of this section, to supplement that person's other income.

(2) The Minister may, with the sanction of the Minister for Finance, make regulations prescribing—

(a) the circumstances under which a payment may be made to any person pursuant to subsection (1) of this section.

(b) the amounts of payments to be made either generally or in relation to a particular class of person.

(3) Regulations under subsection (2) of this section may provide for the granting of allowances in kind in relation to specified needs and for all matters ancillary to and consequent on the provision of such allowances.