Local Elections (Petitions and Disqualifications) Act, 1974

Presentation of petition.

4.—(1) A petition may be presented by any person who has reached the age of eighteen years and shall be presented by being lodged in the office of the county registrar for the county in which is situate the principal office of the local authority to which the petition relates.

(2) Subject to subsection (3) of this section, a petition shall not be presented save within the twenty-eight days next after the result of the election is declared.

(3) Subject to section 19 of this Act, where a petition alleges bribery and specifically alleges a payment or other consideration to have been made or to have passed after the result of the local election was declared, notwithstanding the fact that another petition relating to the same election may have been previously presented or tried, the petition may be presented within the twenty-eight days next after the day on which the said payment or consideration is alleged to have been made or to have passed.

(4) Where a petition has been lodged with the court, as soon as may be the petitioner shall give a copy of the petition—

(a) to any person to whose election the petition relates,

(b) to the Minister,

(c) to the secretary or clerk of the relevant local authority, and

(d) except in the case of a petition presented by the Attorney General, to the Attorney General.