Local Government (Roads and Motorways) Act, 1974

Schemes for motorways.

4.—(1) A road authority may, and shall, if the Minister so directs, make a scheme for the provision of a motorway.

(2) A scheme under this section shall be in the prescribed form and shall describe, by reference to a map, the lands to which the scheme relates or which are affected thereby.

(3) Before making a scheme under this section, a road authority shall have regard to the preservation of scenic and natural amenities and, for that purpose, shall consult with such bodies as the road authority considers necessary.

(4) A road authority shall submit any scheme made by it under this section to the Minister for approval.

(5) The Minister may approve a scheme submitted to him under this section with or without modifications or he may refuse to approve such a scheme.

(6) The Minister, when approving a scheme submitted to him under this section, may, in any case where he considers it reasonable to do so, issue a direction to the road authority to provide for any person who, by reason of the construction of a motorway, is deprived of reasonable access from one part of his property to another, a suitable alternative means of access, and the road authority shall comply with any such direction.