Exchequer and Local Financial Years Act, 1974

References to financial or local financial year in statutes and statutory instruments to which section 2 does not apply.

3.—(1) This section applies to any statute or statutory instrument (whether passed, made, issued or granted before or after the passing of this Act) which—

(a) is not a statute or statutory instrument to which section 2 of this Act applies, and

(b) contains either or both of the following references, namely, a reference to a financial year and a reference to a local financial year, being references which, apart from subsection (2) of this section, would each be construed as a reference to a period of twelve months ending on the 31st day of March in any year.

(2) The following provision shall have effect as regards a statute or statutory instrument to which this section applies, namely, any reference therein either to a financial year or to a local financial year shall, in relation to after the 31st day of December, 1974, be construed and have effect as a reference to a period which is coextensive with a calendar year.