Prosecution of Offences Act, 1974

Performance of functions of Attorney General and Director.

4.—(1) (a) A law officer may direct any of his professional officers to perform on his behalf and in accordance with his instructions any particular function of the law officer in relation to a particular case or cases or in all cases in which that function falls to be performed.

(b) the reference in paragraph (a) of this subsection to professional officers shall be construed, in the case of a direction by the Acting Director, as a reference to professional officers of the Director.

(2) A law officer may, without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder, revoke a direction given by him under this section.

(3) The fact that a function of a law officer has been performed by him (whether it has been so performed personally or by virtue of subsection (1) of this section) may be established, without further proof, in any proceedings by a statement of that fact made—

(a) in writing and signed by the law officer, or

(b) orally to the court concerned by a person appearing on behalf of or prosecuting in the name of the law officer.

(4) In this section “law officer” means the Attorney General, the Director or the Acting Director.