Anti-Discrimination (Pay) Act, 1974

Investigation by equal pay officers.

7.—(1) A dispute between an employer and an employee in relation to the existence or operation of a term (in this section referred to as an equal pay clause) included by virtue of section 2 in a contract of employment or implied by virtue of section 4 in terms and conditions of employment may be referred by a party to the dispute to an equal pay officer for investigation and recommendation and shall upon such reference be investigated in accordance with this Act and not under any other existing provision or arrangement.

(2) Where it appears to the Minister that an employer has failed to comply with an equal pay clause but that either no dispute has arisen in relation thereto or it is not reasonable to expect the employee concerned to refer a dispute in relation to such a clause to an equal pay officer, the matter may be referred to an equal pay officer by the Minister and shall thereupon be dealt with as if it were a reference under subsection (1) of a dispute by an employee.

(3) Where a dispute is referred under this section to an equal pay officer he shall investigate the dispute and issue a recommendation thereon.

(4) A recommendation under this section shall be conveyed to the Court, to the parties to the dispute and, in the case of a dispute referred to in subsection (2), also to the Minister.