Place-Names (Irish Forms) Act, 1973

Construction of words in legal documents.

3.—(1) A word or words, declared by the Minister in a place-names order to be the equivalent in the Irish language of a place-name specified in the order, shall be construed in a legal document as having the same meaning and the same force and effect as the place-name so specified unless the contrary intention appears.

(2) In this section— “legal document” means—

(a) any Act of the Oireachtas passed after the operative date, any statutory instrument made under any such Act or the official translation of any such Act or instrument;

(b) any instrument having or intended to have legal effect or consequences and executed on or after the operative date;

(c) any document used in or for the purposes of legal proceedings, and made, issued or served on or after the operative date;

“the operative date” means the date on which the relevant place-names order comes into operation.