Marriages Act, 1972

Validity as to form of certain marriages.

2.—(1) This section applies to a marriage—

(a) which was solemnised before the passing of this Act solely by a religious ceremony in the département of Hautes Pyrénées, France, and

(b) was between persons both or either of whom were or was citizens or a citizen of Ireland on the day of the marriage.

(2) A marriage to which this section applies shall be and shall be deemed always to have been valid as to form if it would have been so valid had it been solemnised in the State.

(3) An tArd-Chláraitheoir may, on production of such evidence as appears to him to be satisfactory, cause a marriage to which this section applies to be registered in a register to be maintained in Oifig an Ard-Chláraitheora.

(4) The register in which a marriage is entered under subsection (3) of this section shall be deemed to be a register maintained under the Registration of Marriages (Ireland) Act, 1863 , and that Act shall apply and have effect accordingly.