Unit Trusts Act, 1972

Inspection, production and evidence of documents kept by registrar.

19.—(1) Any person may—

(a) inspect the documents kept by the registrar under this Act, on payment of such fee as may be fixed by the Minister,

(b) require a certificate of registration of a unit trust scheme, or a copy of or extract from any document or any part of any document certified by the registrar, on payment for the certificate or the certified copy or extract of such fees as the Minister may fix.

(2) No process for compelling the production of any document kept by the registrar under this Act shall issue from any court except with the leave of that court, and any such process if issued shall bear thereon a statement that it is issued with the leave of the court.

(3) A copy of, or extract from, any document kept and registered under this Act at the office of the registrar and certified to be a true copy under the hand of the registrar or other officer authorised by the Minister (whose official position it shall not be necessary to prove), shall in all legal proceedings be admissible in evidence as of equal validity with the original document.